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Your first time in the sauna is all about exploring the space. Come hydrated, wearing a swim suit and bring a towel to sit on. Become acquainted with where the lights are and adjust the bottom bench to fit your needs. Listen to your body’s cues to tell you when to soak in the heat a little longer or step outside in the cold to take a break. Typically a sauna round could be 10-15 minutes in the hot room until your body needs to cool off and 2-5 minutes outside until you are craving the heat again. This means you fit about four rounds into an hour sauna session. Feel what it’s like to sit on the top bench, the bottom bench, and add water to the rocks. Save larger meals (with, again, more water) for after the sauna and enjoy feeling more flexible, calm, and ready for a restful night’s sleep.

If it is your first time receiving bodywork, make sure you fill out the intake form before arriving to your appointment. Like sauna, hydrate, but keep large meals for after the session. During the massage session, feel free to communicate with Margaret about adjusting the pressure or temperature of the table or telling her what you notice. After the session, hydrate and avoid physically intense activities. It is normal to be sore the next day after the massage.

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